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Organize your experiments, effortlessly.

All your experiments are in one place, neatly arranged and easy to browse.

Ongoing experiments. At a glance, see what you have planned for today and this week, and keep an eye on your running timers.

Completed experiments. Once finished, your results are safely stored alongside your notes and the protocols you used.

Projects. Assign experiments to specific projects, so you can focus on what matters most, the moment you need it.

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What is an experiment?

Why do you need a lab notebook?

Prepare your week in no time.

Calendar view. Creating an experiment in Findings is incredibly easy and only requires two skills: drag and drop. Drop protocols into your week, and you are ready to go. Too busy today? Drag it to the next day.

Parallel protocols. You may have just one day of work, and just one protocol. Or you may have four different protocols running in parallel over 2 months. Either way, you can see it, you can do it.

Keep track of your progress.

Timers and Timestamps. In the lab, time is of the essence. Timestamps and stopwatches can be added in just one click, so you always know when you start and end a task. Timers are also incredibly easy to set up: no need to fiddle with pesky settings, Findings magically detects the duration from the experiment text. And with local notifications, you’ll know instantly when it’s time for the next step.

Completion markers. In the lab, small mistakes can cost a lot. But being on top of things is not always easy when running multiple experiments. With Findings, you can get from the birds eye view to the nitty-gritty of your protocols at the click of a mouse. Throughout your busy day, you can follow your progress, add a quick note, edit your experiment conditions, and never forget a step. All in one place, always saved, always accessible to your future self.

Attach results, never lose a file.

Attach and forget. Nowadays, your experiment results are on your computer. But where? With Findings, you will never ask that question again. There is only one place those files should be: next to the experiment that produced them. Attachment files are copied in your Findings library, and are already organized for you. No more accidental deletion, no more overwriting, no more unintentional renaming.

Preview and edit. In Findings, any file can become an attachment, whether it is an image, a spreadsheet or a ruby script. You will see a preview of the file right in your experiment, and can double-click it to open it in your favorite application.

Right here, right now and forever. Most ELN software (Electronic Lab Notebook) store your files on a server and require you to be connected. With Findings, you always know where your files are: right here on your Mac, easy to back up at your convenience, in a format that will remain open forever. You are in control of your data, this is your research.

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Using file attachments

Collaborate, share, impress your colleagues.

Export. Your research should not be in a silo. Findings can easily export any subset or all of your experiments and protocols to PDF, with all the attachments neatly arranged in folders. You can also export documents as archives, that anybody can read with the free Basic version of Findings. Sharing your results and impressing your colleagues has never been easier!

Import. Our powerful export feature is of course only matched by our equally powerful and smart import workflow. Import protocols from text or Microsoft Word files. Import protocols and experiment archives, merging modified versions into your library. Get all you need, the way you want it.

Collaborate. With our smart export/import features, you can choose what to share, how to share it and when to share it: email, shared folder on Dropbox, network disk, AirDrop, etc. It makes it easy for PIs to collect all the lab results, for labs to share protocols, for collaborators across continents to stay up to date. No need for a special cloud, only the sky is the limit!

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Sharing and collaborating


PDF export and print

Findings for iOS.

At the bench, on the field. Macs don’t like water. They also don’t like nitric acid, radioactive stains, deep-diving, liquid nitrogen and mouse droppings. Findings for iPhone and iPod Touch is the perfect companion for the places where a Mac can’t go, be it on the field, at the bench, or at a conference.

Apple Watch. It feels like Apple designed the Watch just so that Findings could run on it. How could it not be true, when Findings feels so much at home on that new screen? On Apple Watch, Findings focuses on the current day’s activities, and your running timers. Get through your experiments with just a few taps and with a new sense of accomplishment.

Sync it through. Findings leverages the power of Dropbox so your experiments follow you wherever you go. Use iPhone and Watch where and when it works best. The results will be on your Mac when you get back to it. Voilà!

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Manage your protocols.

Protocol library. Protocols have a special place in Findings, where you can browse, edit, and organize them. They are easy to share with others in the lab, or with the rest of the world.

Protocols and experiments. Protocols are the primary building blocks of your experiments. You can drag them into the calendar view of an experiment and combine them in any way you need. Once integrated into an experiment, a copy of your protocol is made, so you can modify it just for that one use, and leave the original untouched.

Findings Everywhere.

Dropbox Sync. Many of you have more than one device, a laptop at home, a desktop in the lab, an iPhone or iPod Touch in your pocket. Findings leverages the power of Dropbox so your experiments follow you wherever you go. Seamless sync, no question asked.

Offline Access. When you are far from the internet, Findings works just the same. You are not dependent on a “cloud” server: Findings Sync will catch up next time you are connected. In the meantime, your data is with you, under your control, as always.

Dropbox and the Dropbox logo are trademarks of Dropbox, Inc.

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Your data is yours

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